September 21, 2019

48 Central Ave
1:00 Paddy O (Covers; singer/keyboardist)

119 Standish Road
1:00 Pit (Rock cover band)
3:00 Twice-A-Day-Ray (Covers; rock)

74 Maple Street
1:00 This Crazy Thing (Cover band; acoustic duo; well-known songs)
3:00 Tearin' Up Jake (Country, Americana, rock)

99 Maple Street
2:00 Rob Perreault (Covers)
4:00 Deceptive Lemons (Bluegrass)

265 Eliot Street
1:00 Lynn Bailey Witty (Singer/songwriter)
2:00 The IV (Covers; rock)

273 Eliot Street
1:00 Tokyo Tramps (Blues rock)
2:00 The Franc Graham Band (Swamp rock; alt-Americana)

278 Eliot Street
4:00 Members Lonely (Cover band; '80s and '90s alternative nostalgia)

290 Eliot Street
3:00 Morgan Minsk (Indie-folk soul; spiritual)

297 Eliot Street

1:00 Owl House (Folk rock)
2:00 Noetic J (Hip-hop; electronica; indie)
3:00 The Standards (Cover band; sing-along; favorites)

1 Valley Road Extension
1:00 Fiona Green (Young local keyboardist/singer)
2:00 Key Notes School of Music (Variety of instruments played by students)
4:00 The Pulltabs (Cover band; rock from '60s to now)

37 Valley Road
1:00 Chris Ricco (Covers; singer/songwriter)
2:00 A-Z (Acoustic duo)
3:00 Electric Standard (American roots rock)

65 Avalon Road
1:00 (Canceled)
3:00 Nate Livingston and the Madness (Ambient rock; originals and covers)

34 Avalon Road
2:00 Fuse (Ska punk band)
4:00 Scatterfield (Rock; REM-like sound)

6 Cantwell Road
1:00 Jukka Westhues (Singer-songwriter; folk, indie rock, Americana)
2:00 Lower Falls (Rock - Americana and psychedelic)

334 Eliot Street
3:00 Corey Dolgon (Acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals; social justice)

56 Allen Circle
1:00 People of Earth (Rock - '90s/'70s mix)
3:00 The Ray Liriano Experience (Rock with latin infusion)

36 Allen Circle
2:00 Richie Parsons (Singer-songwriter; pop-rock)
4:00 The Grommets (Punk)
5:00 The Instamatics (Punk meets surf)
6:00 Jimmy Ryan (& friends) (Mandolin; bluegrass)

30 Capen Street
1:00 Mark Snyder Quartet (Electric jazz trio)
2:00 Robert Bushinsky (Alternative/synth-rock/industrial)

69 Capen Street
4:00 The Tiger (Irish music; covers)

5 Norway Road
2:00 Francis Madden (Acoustic guitar; '50s and '60s pop)
4:00 Fourth Presbyterian Hootenanny Band

6 Norway Road
1:00 Bill Anderson (Acoustic folk/pop/country singer-songwriter)
3:00 The 155s (Rock/rockabilly)

95 Cliff Road
2:00 CiCi Eberle (Singer-songwriter)
3:00 Bearmonster (Alt r&b duo)

132 Cliff Road
2:00 Chrysalis Trio (Classical and "pops" by oboes and bassoon)
3:00 The Choco-leles (Harmonic ukelele songs; sing-along)

496 Eliot Street
1:00 Counterfeit Cash (Johnny Cash/Hank Williams cover band)

15 Fairfax Road
2:00 Milton High School Musical (High school musical songs)

26 Hawthorn Road
1:00 The John Sullivan Trio (Acoustic jazz trio)
2:00 Jeremy Blanchard (Singer-songwriter; folk, rock, pop)
3:00 Ya Buddy's Band (Covers)

10 Columbia Park
2:00 Richard Worsman (Bluegrass; solo artist on mandolin with loop pedal)
3:00 J. Kelley (Acoustic duo)

20 Willoughby Road
2:00 Ron Israel (Singer-songwriter; social justice)
3:00 Tempo International Rhythm Section (Steel band)

Milton Public Library
2:00 Ezekiel Wheels Klezmer Band (Klezmer)