Pound the Pavement 
Rock Stars and Fitness Rebels Wanted!!

Join Elisa Gear from ONE You Health and Fitness on Saturday September 22nd with a fun fitness event to kick off the 2018 Milton Porchfest- Neighborhood Music Festival

Elisa is thrilled to share her passion for POUND, introduce the community to the worlds first ever ROCKOUT WORKOUT and fitness class to feel like you're at a concert. She plans to lead you in an EPIC performance to kick things off.  

She will be POUNDING the PAVEMENT at 9:30am. All proceeds will go directly to support the expenses of running Porchfest and the charity fundraiser in memory of Bob Fawls

Location: 1 Valley Road Extension, Milton Ma

Registration: 9:15am

Class Begins: 9:30am (45min)

Donation: $20.00 per person